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Autotriz V5 Glass Coating (2 Part 2 x 50ml) (18 months)

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SKU: AT-V5-100

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Latest breakthrough in Nano technology for windscreen and glass. Provides extreme durability against abrasion of wiper blades. Its super hydrophobic effect to allow rain flowing off windscreen at speed as low as 60 km/h.


Effectively provides exceptional optical clarity by cutting glare at night and improves driver’s safety during rain. One application lasts up to 18 months.


- Super hydrophobic effects

- Resists wiper abrasion

- Improves visibility in rain
- Increases safety
- Reduces glare at night

- Long durability

- Perfect for windscreens


Glass Coating is particularly suitable for all glass surfaces and specifically for front and rear windscreen where there is abrasion from wipers.


Glass Coating can be applied with microfiber applicators or tack cloth.


Appearance: Colourless

Base: Fluorine/ Modified resin

Curing: Normal ambient temperature or 80 degree celcius

Shelf Life: 12 months

Container Size: 50ml / 50ml


The product is for professional use and should be applied by approved applicators only. Test on a small area or apply a test coat before application.


Buff the glass surfaces thoroughly with Glass Compound (Cerium Oxide based) to remove any contaminants or water spots. Make sure the surface become hydrophilic.


Prep with n-butyl acetate or Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to make sure the surface is completely dry and free of oils.


Mix the V5 Glass Coating (Base) and V5 Glass Coating (Reactor) with 1:1 ratio in a volume cup


Use 5ml+5ml for a windscreen; 15ml+15ml for whole car.


Wrap the applicator sponge with the white microfiber suede cloth that comes with the box or use applicator of your preference.


Use a syringe to pump in and out of product mixture on the applicator.


Wipe on entire windshield beginning on the driver’s side then passenger side. Apply one layer of product by working in horizontal (front and rear windscreen) movements in slow motion using minimal pressure to ensure that product is carried through evenly. The product will flash off instantly.

You may apply a second layer following to ensure a complete coverage.


Mixture of V5 Glass Coating is absorbed into the microscopic pores of glass instantly, instead of forming a layer on top of glass surface.


Wait approximately 15-20 minutes; wipe off completely using clean microfiber towels until all residue is removed.


V5 Glass Coating must be used within 30 minutes after mixing as it will lose its functionality after the chemical reaction periods. Finish all the mixture and do not re-use for next application. Do not expose to water within 4 hours. Do not turn on wipers for 24 hours for maximum durability.