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    Refinish Accessories

    Dual Pile Edgeless Refinish Microfibre Towel-Cartec UK
    Dual Pile Edgeless Refinish Microfibre Towel
    From £2.95
    Cartec Refinish 6" backing pad-Cartec UK
    Cartec Refinish 6" backing pad
    Cartec Wall Mounted Polisher Holder-Cartec UK
    Cartec Wall Mounted Polisher Holder
    Cartec UK Sensor Tape - Parking Sensor Masking Discs (pack of 60) 18mm-Cartec UK
    Cartec UK Sensor Tape - Parking Sensor Masking Discs (pack of 60) 18mm
    Complete Detailers Masking Kit-Cartec UK
    Complete Detailers Masking Kit
    Sunmight Sunfoam Discs P3000-Cartec UK
    Sunmight Sunfoam Discs P3000
    From £3.49
    Sunmight Sunfoam Discs P5000-Cartec UK
    Sunmight Sunfoam Discs P5000
    From £3.49
    Paint Spray Aerosol 500ml-Cartec UK
    Paint Spray Aerosol 500ml
    Professional Detailers Paint Depth Gauge-Cartec UK
    Professional Detailers Paint Depth Gauge
    Refinish 3 bottle wall mount-Cartec UK
    Refinish 3 bottle wall mount
    Cartec UK Infrared Thermometer-Cartec UK Sold Out
    Cartec UK Infrared Thermometer
    Clay Disc Holder-Cartec UK
    Clay Disc Holder
    Cartec Refinish Storage Bag-Cartec UK
    Cartec Refinish Storage Bag
    Toffee Eraser Wheel-Cartec UK
    Toffee Eraser Wheel
    Cartec Refinish Hologram Torch-Cartec UK
    Cartec Refinish Hologram Torch
    HVLP Mini Jet Spray Gun-Cartec UK
    HVLP Mini Jet Spray Gun