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Every now and then a new polishing machine comes along that changes the way that paint correction is performed, and the RUPES LHR 21ES BigFoot Polisher was definitely one of them. Released in 2011, and featuring a gigantic oscillatory throw of 21 mm and an accompanying range of pads and polishes designed to take maximum advantage of this, the LHR 21ES promised nearly the same level of cutting performance as a traditional rotary polisher, but with none of the associated risks (excessive heat) or limitations (hologramming). And, as the last five years have proven, it delivered on this promise almost fully, with widespread approval from (and adoption by) the detailing community as a whole (i.e. both professionals and enthusiasts alike). However, as with all things, the LHR 21ES isn't perfect. Some users still feel that it lacks sufficient cutting power in certain circumstances (mainly when working on harder paint types, and also on concave surfaces, where bogging down can pose an issue), while others have experienced minor issues with their machines (chiefly excessive wear of the anti-spinning cap). As you would expect, RUPES have listened carefully to this feedback, and now responded with a new and improved machine; say hello to the RUPES LHR 21 Mark II BigFoot Polisher!

Compared to its predecessor, the RUPES LHR 21 Mark II BigFoot Polisher features a more powerful motor that delivers 30% more torque and eliminates bogging down on concave surfaces. Furthermore, the durability of the anti-spinning cap has been improved, and a number of strategically placed rubber-inserts have been added to aid grip and support the machine in a stable position when not in use. With these improvements in mind, who is the RUPES LHR 21 Mark II BigFoot Polisher ideal for? Well, given its gigantic 21 mm throw and that it's fixed size 150 mm proprietary backing plate only accepts RUPES 180 mm BigFoot Polishing Pads, the answer is anyone who routinely needs to polish large areas to a very high standard in as little time as possible. From a non-professional point of view, this means enthusiasts who own large cars with flat expansive panels, e.g. luxury saloons and 4x4s, as the LHR 21 Mark II makes short work of large areas of paint that are easily accessible. From a professional point of view, this means bodyshops and detailers who need to quickly correct large areas of paint without using rotary polishers (due to risk and time constraints). Time is money in professional circles, and an investment in a RUPES LHR 21 Mark II BigFoot Polisher will quickly pay off (having to invest in multiple RUPES BigFoot polishers in order to be able to use a range of pad sizes is not as painful as it sounds, due to the significant performance benefits and time savings on offer).