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Prewash XR2000

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XR2000 is a powerful alkaline pre-cleaner for vehicles. XR2000 effortlessly removes stubborn traffic dirt and insects. In
addition, XR2000 also provides good foam when washing.

• Effortlessly removes insects.
• Can be strongly diluted.
• Ideal in combination with a foam lance, pressure pump or sprayer
• Short penetration time
• No brush required in most cases.

XR2000 is used in cases of heavy contamination on vehicles. It is an ideal product for removing traffic dirt, insects and greasy
deposits. Can also be used for the engine compartment and doorposts.

Directions for use:
Apply XR2000, depending on the traffic dirt, in a dilution of 1:10 to 1:30 with water to the car, using a suitable foam lance,
pressure pump or sprayer. Let it soak in for a short time (if necessary use a brush or sponge) and then clean the vehicle with a
powerful high-pressure washer.

Tips & Tricks:
• Can be used on new cars
• Can be used directly after washing the surface

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• Dilution: 1:10-1:30
• PH-value: 13,2